Recover your missing or lost device

Have your gadget ever been stolen, missing, or misplaced and you wish it could be recovered?

As the world is going digital, as an organization, the thought of losing work or personal gadgets is enough to bring most of us out in a cold sweat.
Aside from the personal trauma of being left adrift from the internet, losing work or personal gadgets is worrying for other more serious reasons because if your phone, laptop, or tablet ends up in the wrong hands, depending on the type of data involved, the consequences can include leaking of confidential information, destruction or corruption of databases, the theft of intellectual property.  you could also be at risk of data theft, cyber-attacks, and social engineering, plus the potential for financial and reputational damage to boot just to mention a few of the risks.

Here are some of the risks of losing your personal or business device

  • Data Breach

As an organization, your customers or clients are usually the first parties exposed to risk when a business device is lost, misplaced, or stolen. A data breach can have serious implications on your brand’s reputation, particularly if client data is involved. It could cost you your integrity, significant revenue loss, litigation, fines, and lots more.

  • Human Risks

To state the obvious, a lot of people have sensitive data on their personal devices some of which could be your bank verification number (BVN), saved passwords of bank applications, valued data, and lots more. so if you lose your phone, these mentioned can be accessed and exploited by a criminal.

  • Identity Theft

A lot of mobile devices contain our personal data like home addresses, family contacts, date of birth, legal status, locations, and even perhaps social security numbers. Identity theft happens when unscrupulous individuals access and exploit this information.

This stolen information is often used for spamming, blackmailing, and tricking contacts into sending money. Furthermore, there are bigger identity frauds, like requesting credit cards or accessing healthcare services under your name, thus damaging your credit history and even arising legal issues. Just a few pieces of your basic personal information skimmed from your device can be used to devastating effect in the wrong hands. Simple information like your name or phone number can be used to start building an in-depth profile of you, by combining it with additional details gathered from elsewhere (social media profiles and others).

The built in-depth profile of you can be used to prey on the natural instinct of your employees without raising any feeling of doubt and get into your database to carry out their business ruining activities. Other risks are bank fraud, fraudulent purchases etc.

As loosing your gadgets could look like a minor thing to consider, the cost could be severe. To some organizations, it could cost them the right to operate the business.

Theres a way out
Get a cybersecurity software that helps you protect, trace, lock or erase data from any missing or stolen gadget, For inquiries, please call us @ 09088072288, 09166052000 or send a mail to us at

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