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Educators know how important and vital it is to ensure we prepare our students to be college and career ready. Students must have knowledge of computer science and I.T skills to have a successful career in today’s workforce. IT jobs are increasing in demand and are expected to keep going up.

So, how do we stay current and provide our students with the knowledge they need? One way is to offer courses on-demand and with flexibility for differentiation and personalization. Microsoft Imagine Academy(MSIA) does just that. Once integrated into your system, students and educators can achieve current industry-recognized skills through high-quality courses. MSIA is designed to help prepare students for careers in an increasingly technology demanding, complex and global world. The certification opportunities are industry-recognized for Productivity, Data Science, Computer Science as well as IT infrastructure

Candidates with certifications are more likely to be hired, reach full productivity sooner, are retained in positions longer and earn an average of 15% more than uncertified workers. MSIA provides this and much more in a unique package.

Give your students the edge in this ever-changing, technology-driven world with Microsoft Imagine Academy. Xown Solutions Ltd. is an Authorized Education Partner of MSIA. Call in 08172043789 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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